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Word of the Lord 2018 - The Year of the Young and the Old

I am not the founder of some huge non-profit ministry organization. I am simply a girl who heard the Lord and decided to write it down. When the Lord first told me that he was giving me a Word for the Year of 2018, I thought that sounded silly since I wasn’t any significant pastor with any large following. I was just a small town girl known for preaching everywhere, all the time to anyone who will listen. The Lord quickly reminded me that he calls the obedient, the ones who are willing to do what he asks them to. So here I am - willing. Here is what the Lord has given me as a message for the Body of Christ in the upcoming year of 2018. ~ Rachel

The Battlefield

Satan and his fallen angels have been terrorizing the earth and God’s people. We have seen an extreme increase in intensity and frequency of this trauma and terror in the most recent years. Some people have referred to this as the birthing pains spoken about in the Bible. I am referring to it here as the Battlefield. The attacks that many of God’s people have been facing recently are almost unbearable. Some Christians have been begging and pleading for God to intervene. Faith has been stretched thin, some have even turned away. I have seen much weeping. I have seen prayers of desperation in believers especially among those in ministry. We have been praying consistently for divine intervention. We have been praying for the Lord to stop the enemy.

Heaven is Coming to the Earth

Word of the lord 2018 - We have been praying for heaven to come and this is the year that we will see this begin to happen but what does that really look like?? Can you imagine what it would really look like for heaven to come to earth? Does this mean wealth, riches, gold dust and magical experiences? No. If you think that heaven coming to earth means all your dreams are coming true then you need to pick up your Bible and read about signs of the end times. It will look like disaster all around you but don't be afraid God is with you.

Christ himself talks about what heaven coming to earth will look like. Christ explains that the earth’s kingdoms or nations will come against each other. This doesn’t just mean physical human kings. It means the kingdoms of the dark world will come against each other. This is the day that we will see Satan and his followers rise against each other. We will watch as the dark kingdom crumbles at its own hands and the Kingdom of God will prevail. It will be during this time that higher powers of darkness will go into desperation. The dark kingdom will see Heaven’s angelic army coming to earth and know that Christ is coming soon.

The Bad Dogs

The dark kingdom will let go of their captives in an attempt to save themselves. People who have been bound up by Satan for years and even worked on the side of evil will be loosed this year. The “Bad Dogs” are coming to see Jesus. I believe this will be a great time of trial and testing among believers. There may be some who welcome these new believers or recent converts but there may be some who reject them for religious reasons.

We must remember Jesus didn’t come to us in purple robes from parents of great reputation. Mary was pregnant out of wedlock and Jesus was born in a barn. During this time, we will see and hear the unbelievable but we shouldn’t be shocked. We have a God that is capable of the impossible. The Lord has saved them for a divine purpose in his divine timing. Trust that the Lord knows exactly what he is doing and why he is doing it.

The Assignment of the Ancients

Heaven and heaven’s angelic army (the other 2/3 of the ancients) will be invading Satan’s domain here on earth. The time has come that we will no longer have to pray for the Lord to send his armies to fight for us because they will be here on earth fighting for us, side by side with us until the Great Day of the Lord. The Lord is answering the prayers of many and sending us help. Heaven’s angelic armies are going on assignment from the Lord to invade the enemy’s territory and cease the land.

Coming out of the Battlefield

The word of the lord 2018, The Lord has told me that this is The Year of the Young and The Old. We will work together to clean up the battlefield – the body of Christ as a whole has been through and will be coming out of a huge battlefield (storm caused by evil). This is a time for the faithful to bandage the wounded. This is a time that God’s people may not look pretty, they may be beat up and bruised. The enemy has had his way torturing God’s people in battle and they will look weak and weary but still very much conquerors. We must help these wounded off of the battlefield and walk them through regaining their strength. The first responders have been activated already to provide assistance and care for the wounded in battle.


This is not a time to poke your nose at others. You will be surprised to see diversity between believers during this time. There will be many different believers coming off the battlefield and some may surprise you. There may be people that you never thought would be in this category but they are chosen by God. Some will be long time believers and others will be new believers. This will be a time of unity and perseverance. We must truly come together as the body of Christ. This is a time to stop resenting the other generation. The young will bring life to the old and the old will bring life to the young. This is the year of the young and the old. We will be working together for the same purpose.

Word of the Lord 2018

A time of preparing for the next assignment as well as a time of renewing, refreshing and regaining strength. As much as we would all love to relax, this is not time for a vacation. This season is crucial and should be taken seriously. I hope that this word of the lord 2018 has reached you in good time and most of all that you find hope in the message. If you are in need of prayer, please contact our confidential prayer line here Prayer Requests.

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