Senior Pastors – Corky & Rachel House

Corky & Rachel House are a young happy couple with a passion for the ministry of Christ. They are fun loving individuals who care for people. Corky operates as the church’s pastoral oversight. Rachel operates as the church’s visionary. Rachel has a college background of science in psychology bringing an interesting understanding to the ministry of deliverance and healing. Both have a strong passion for raising up leaders in the church starting with the youth and young adults.

The Senior Pastors have plans to build a retreat center that will hold camps & retreats with a special emphasis on youth and ministers based on a vision that Rachel had from the Lord in 2015. Corky & Rachel held the first Youth Camp in the City in 2017 as a FREE outreach food program to the youth of Johnson County. In 2018, the church moved into a beautiful logcabin in the center of Alvarado, Texas which we believe to be prophetic symbolism for the future retreat.

Rachel is a local business owner and active in the community of Johnson County, Texas. They are a family of four with two very typical preacher’s kids who grew up in ministry and have a heart for young people who are hurting.

A message from the Pastor:

“Nearing the end of my Bachelor program in college, I was faced with a major decision. The demand on me in ministry had become so much that I wasn’t able to complete my school assignments on time anymore. I knew that if I kept going, I would fail school or I would fail God. At that moment, I battled back and forth in my mind but I knew there was no way to keep up with the demand in ministry while I continued my college education and career in Psychology. So I gave up my dreams and aspirations for my life in 2013. I willingly became a college drop out in order to follow the Lord’s dream and will for my life. I am not ashamed of my decision, it was probably the one of most important decisions of my life. In February of 2019, after witnessing the horror of things that go on behind the some church doors and in the hearts of some “official” ministers, I decided that I have had enough. I am now a college drop out & I have torn my ordination in half. Not now nor ever should anyone be validated by an education or a piece of paper to be a minister of the gospel. A piece of paper does not give anyone authority, all authority is appointed by God for His purpose not our own. I have more peace about this decision than I have had in a long time. I am more than content being a preacher of repentance in the wilderness.”

~ Pastor Rachel