Senior Pastors – Corky & Rachel House

Corky & Rachel House are a young happy couple with a passion for the ministry of Christ. They are fun loving individuals who care for people regardless of what they are going through or where they are at in their journey. Corky is gifted in prayer, stewardship, discernment, leadership, administration and operates as the church’s pastoral oversight. Corky is an Elder of the church. Rachel is gifted in prophecy, discernment, organization, teaching and operates as the church’s visionary. Rachel is an ordained minister and teacher of the gospel. Both have a strong passion for raising up leaders in the church starting with the youth and young adults. Corky and Rachel have a special understanding for the millennial generation and the next upcoming generation z.

The Senior Pastors have plans to build a retreat center that will hold camps & retreats with a special emphasis on youth and ministers based on a vision that Rachel had from the Lord in 2015. Corky & Rachel held the first Youth Camp in the City in 2017 as a FREE outreach food program to the youth of Johnson County. During this youth camp, Rachel had another vision from the Lord about monthly youth rallies. In 2018, our church partnered with Paula Rayburn Ministries & held the first Youth Rally of Johnson County. The church also moved into a beautiful logcabin in the center of Alvarado, Texas which we believe to be prophetic symbolism for the future retreat.

Corky and Rachel are local business owners and active in the community of Johnson County, Texas. Corky and Rachel together have extensive knowledge in technology. Rachel has a college education in Psychology and previous work experience in the criminal justice system. They are a family of four with two very typical preacher’s kids who grew up active in ministry and have a heart for young people who are hurting. This family loves people from all walks of life.


Youth Director – David Hearne Jr.

David Hearne is an active Dad of three supporting his girls in their sports activities. He is passionate about seeing youth develop a relationship with God and other believers. David is gifted in prayer, discernment, dreams, visions, support, leadership and organization. David serves as the visionary for the youth. He previously served 4 years in youth ministry and outreach at another local church. He also serves as the Director of Youth Outreach (1Team 1Reason) and board member for non-profit Paula Rayburn Ministries. Our church has partnered with David and Paula Rayburn Ministries to bring unity to the youth of Johnson County, Texas by holding monthly youth rallies.

David has a college education in criminal justice and sociology. He spent 16 years working in the criminal justice system. David is a local business owner (9+yrs) and active in the community of Alvarado, Texas.


Young Adults Director – Elizabeth Claypool

Elizabeth Claypool is an active individual who enjoys bike riding & hiking. She is passionate about watching life-changing transformation in the lives of others. Elizabeth is gifted in encouragement, support, intercession, healing, teaching and serving. Elizabeth has a degree in education & over 11 years in ministry. She attended bible college in Pennsylvania and completed her internship in New Jersey. She worked for 9 years at a women and children’s rehabilitation ministry in New Jersey.

Elizabeth works locally in the Johnson County area. Elizabeth served as a coordinator in Youth Camp in the City 2017 and is currently a coordinator for this year’s youth camp. She also has vision for the retreat center and is an active role in the preparation of that ministry.