School of Prophecy

School of Prophecy

Session 1: Spiritual Gifts

  • Chapter 1: Members of the Body
  • Chapter 2: Spiritual Gifts in the Church
  • Chapter 3: Spiritual Gifts to the Church
  • Chapter 4: Titles & Certificates

Session 2: Prophets of the Bible

  • Chapter 1: Old Testament Prophets
  • Chapter 2: New Testament Prophets
  • Chapter 3: Jesus Christ as Prophet

Session 3: False Prophets & Teachers

  • Chapter 1: Satan’s Influence
  • Chapter 2: Discerning Voices
  • Chapter 3: Fruit Evidence

This is an ongoing teaching. Sessions & Lessons will be added as we go so check back each week. Make sure that you download the FREE church app to stay connected and find study videos.

Information & Registration

Available for free to anyone who desires to learn more about prophecy. We will study prophets throughout scripture as well as prophecies spoken in scripture. We will take a close look at the characteristics of a prophet and how to recognize a prophet in the midst of a prophetic movement.

This course is self-paced and can be completed around just about any school or work schedule. Every registered student who successfully completes the course & exam will receive a Certificate in Prophetic Studies from our School of Prophecy at CKM International Church of Faith.


Registration is mandatory and coursework will not be graded completely until registration is complete. Register today by clicking here School of Prophecy

(All teachings found here are provided for free to the public & may not be sold for monetary gain. This School of Prophecy is the intellectual property of CKM Church. Copyright © 2018 The Church Kid Ministries Inc.)