Mount Zion High School

Mount Zion High School – An alternative home-school program with Bible based curriculum. (Next Enrollment: August 2019)

Mount Zion High School

Mount Zion High School

This home-school program is for students (grades 2nd – 12th) who are already home-schooled or are leaving the public school system.

Multi-Sensory Approach

The curriculum uses a multi-sensory approach which is excellent for students struggling with learning disabilities like Dyslexia. Workbooks are colorful with images vs a plain black and white textbook. Each workbook has checkpoints, reviews and a test to ensure learning curve is met.

Teaching Character & Moral

This program teaches good character and morals while providing an academic education. It is a great option for at risk teens or troubled youth. The curriculum incorporates character traits such as integrity, kindness, honesty, loyalty, etc.

Youth Social Events

Students can attend youth retreats, youth camps and other youth events. Check our events page to stay up to date on the upcoming events. We are located in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas.


All students are required to average an 80% or above in their subjects. Mount Zion High School has two different options for grading students school work.

Option #1 Parent graded home-school program Option #2 School Administrator graded home-school program

Students will be issued workbooks once a month. Workbooks & tests will be mailed in to be recorded. All coursework, tests, transcripts and diplomas kept on file with the school.

Mount Zion High School Transcripts & Diploma

Transcripts & Diploma will be released to students upon graduation. If a transcript is needed at a later date, students may request additional official copies for college admissions, transfers, etc.


Tuition can be paid once a year or once a month. Tution & book costs will be updated at a later date along with the registration form.

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Registration will begin May 2019 and link will be available below soon, check back with us in May 2019.