CKM International Church of Faith supports local and international missions. When you tithe or giving an offering, you are also supporting these missions. Our church carefully selects partnering ministries for missions that we believe hold to the same or similar vision as our church. Each missions program that we support, is actively reaching youth and children with the gospel.

International Missions

reach out missions

We support the missions of Reach Out Foundation headquartered in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. This ministry provides emotional, spiritual and physical support for children, the elderly, widowed, orphaned and medically needy community. The ministry

  • *provides people in need with special shoes
  • *provides orthopedic equipment
  • *provides basic medical supplies
  • *visits nursing homes and hospitals
  • *visits the pregnancy center
  • *cares for cases of malnutrition
  • *visits schools and poor communities
  • *provides school kits and school supplies
  • *provides vitamin milk, food, clothes, shoes, diapers, toys

Reach Out also holds evangelism events to share the gospel news with the people in Honduras. Every year, the ministry has an event called Children's Day Celebration which is an evangelism event for children where they learn about Christ while doing face painting, animal balloons, playing games, receiving toys and a hot lunch. Our church sponsors this annual event by donating money to sponsor children.

Senior Pastor, Rachel House, met Xiomara & Larry Light, the Founders of Reach Out, in 2012 and has been supporting Reach Out missions since 2013 including Children's Day Celebration, Christmas gifts to children in December and Hospital visits or supplies.

Reach Out Foundation also serves our youth locally as a food sponsor during our church's summer youth outreach program here in Johnson County, Texas.


Local Missions

Paula Rayburn Ministries, Inc is a local nonprofit ministry named after its founder Paula Rayburn. During Paula's life of ministry, she was dedicated to the unity of ministers, prayer, dreams and deliverance. She made herself available at all times for prayer and deliverance to anyone in need. She just didn't have it in her heart to turn away someone in need. She also bought neighboring properties and began to do transitional housing for families in need. During the latter years of her life, Paula felt a nudge from the Lord to shift her focus to the youth. She held youth events at her home where the ministry was located. Senior Pastor, Rachel House, attended a youth event with David Hearne Jr. while Paula was still alive and working in ministry. Rachel saw first hand the heart behind Paula Rayburn Ministries and the woman who started the nonprofit. Today this nonprofit is operating by her surviving family and board of directors who desire to keep her vision alive.

With the leadership and direction of Paula's nephew David Hearne Jr., Paula Rayburn Ministries, Inc began hosting monthly youth rallies in the spring of 2018 rebuilding what Paula had as a vision before she passed in 2017. Our church is partnered with Paula Rayburn Ministries, Inc and is actively supporting the outreach to the youth of Johnson County, Texas.