CKM International Church of Faith supports local and international missions. When you tithe or giving an offering, you are also supporting these missions. Our church carefully selects partnering ministries for missions that we believe hold to the same or similar vision as our church. Each missions program that we support, is actively reaching youth and children with the gospel.

International Missions

Live Abnormal – Missionary Kim Bohon

Kim Bohon is a wonderful preacher,  ordained minister & missionary originally from Burleson, TX. Kim and her son Luke spend a lot of time as missionaries in Iceland. Kim is a gifted speaker and teacher. Kim is the founder of Live Abnormal ministries and a supporter of Pleasant Hills Children’s Home in Fairfield Texas. Even though Kim is very busy and does many great things, the most impressive of them all is how she has raised up an young evangelist right in her very own home.

To learn more about this missionary Kim Bohon and her family visit the Live Abnormal website or facebook page listed below.



Living Faith International – Carla Porter

Carla Porter has a strong passion for the education of children especially orphans and the vulnerable. She operates Living Faith International in Nairobi, Kenya, a ministry devoted to taking care of the children whose parents have died from HIV/AIDS or can’t take care of them. Hearing her talk about her desire to make sure each child gets treated like a son or daughter in her orphanage is amazing. With the use of excellent curriculum, Carla is able to teach the children in a Christian worldview. The ministry operates “Our Home Orphanage” & “Heritage Leadership Academy”.

  • *provides shoes, clothes & school uniforms
  • *provides basic medical supplies
  • *cares for cases of malnutrition
  • *provides school curriculum and school supplies
  • *provides the love & care of Jesus – the most important


Reach Out – Missionaries Xiomara & Larry Light

We support the missions of Reach Out Foundation headquartered in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. This ministry provides emotional, spiritual and physical support for children, the elderly, widowed, orphaned and medically needy community. The ministry

  • *provides people in need with special shoes
  • *provides orthopedic equipment
  • *provides basic medical supplies
  • *visits nursing homes and hospitals
  • *visits the pregnancy center
  • *cares for cases of malnutrition
  • *visits schools and poor communities
  • *provides school kits and school supplies
  • *provides vitamin milk, food, clothes, shoes, diapers, toys

Reach Out also holds evangelism events to share the gospel news with the people in Honduras. Every year, the ministry has an event called Children’s Day Celebration which is an evangelism event for children where they learn about Christ while doing face painting, animal balloons, playing games, receiving toys and a hot lunch. Our church sponsors this annual event. To learn more about these missionaries visit the reach out website or facebook page listed below.