Junior Academy

Junior Academy is available for preteens (10-12), teens (13-17) and believers of all ages (18+). Available in Google Play and iTunes App stores.

Junior Academy

Junior Academy Course Information

This course is intended to give the basic knowledge of the Bible and church culture combined with an understanding of today’s biggest struggles while providing some answers to some of the confusion in the world today.

This course is self-paced and can be completed around just about any school or work schedule. Every registered student who successfully completes the course will receive a Certificate in Christian Studies from our Junior Academy at CKM International Church of Faith. This course may be used as a high school elective course for home-schooled students.

This course is already available in our mobile church app and you can begin as soon as you download the app on your smart phone or tablet.

Session 1: The Basics

  • Chapter 1: Relationship
  • Chapter 2: Reconciliation
  • Chapter 3: Worship

Session 2: Self-Reflection & Family

  • Chapter 1: Self-Reflection
  • Chapter 2: Social-Relationships
  • Chapter 3: Spiritual Growth

Session 3: Church Culture

  • Chapter 1: Rituals & Traditions
  • Chapter 2: Leadership
  • Chapter 3: Ministry


Registration is mandatory and test will not be graded completely until registration is complete.

Please note: All upper level bible schools on this website require this course as a prerequisite, this means you must complete this course before completing the next course. (Example: Junior Academy completion before completion of School of Intercession or the School of Prophecy.) Courses can be taken at the same time but a certificate will not be issued for upper level courses until completion of this foundational course first.

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