School of Deliverance

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School of Deliverance – COMING SOON FALL 2019!

School of Deliverance

The School of Deliverance is designed specifically for regular every day people, not biblical scholars looking to advance in commercial ministry.

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Session 1: The Basics

  • Chapter 1: The Fallen Kingdom
  • Chapter 2: Demons & Evil Spirits
  • Chapter 3: Areas of Deliverance
  • Chapter 4: Causes for the Need of Deliverance

Session 2: Deliverance in Ministry

  • Chapter 1: Demonic Manifestations
  • Chapter 2: Evidence of Casting Demons Out
  • Chapter 3: Receiving Deliverance
  • Chapter 4: Ministering Deliverance
  • Chapter 5: Healing in Deliverance

Session 3: Self Deliverance

  • Chapter 1: Self-Descipline
  • Chapter 2: Prayer Life
  • Chapter 3: Confession
  • Chapter 4: Fasting
  • Chapter 5: Submission to Christ
  • Chapter 6: Soul vs Spirit

Course Information

Our School of Deliverance is available for all ages. Available to anyone who desires to learn more about deliverance and healing.

This course is self-paced and can be completed around just about any school or work schedule. Every registered student who successfully completes the course & exam will receive a Certificate in Deliverance Studies from our School of Deliverance at CKM International Church of Faith.


Registration is mandatory and coursework will not be graded completely until registration is complete.

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(All teachings found here are provided for free to the public & may not be sold for monetary gain. This School of Deliverance is the intellectual property of CKM Church. Copyright © 2018 The Church Kid Ministries Inc.)

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